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Carpet is an easy choice

It’s not hard to say yes to carpet flooring, that is so elegantly soft, yet so homey and inviting all at the same time. It makes it easier still when you stop to consider the many benefits this flooring has to offer. With improvements in technology and manufacturing procedures, this material is more beneficial to the homeowner and occupants of the home than ever before. In fact, you might find it to be the very material that meets, and possibly exceeds all your needs.

Redmann’s Flooring and Design places great importance on the satisfaction of our customers, always aiming for 100%. To gain that kind of result, we dedicate ourselves to work we can be proud of. Whether it’s helping you pick the perfect flooring for your home, or installing it once you’ve decided, we’ll always go the extra mile for you, our customer. From our showroom in Anoka, MN, we serve the areas of Anoka, Ramsey, Andover, Coon Rapids, and Champlin. We look forward to serving you as well and invite you to visit as your schedule allows.

The benefits of carpet will amaze you

Most homeowners are already aware of the fact that carpet is the only soft surface floor covering on the market. It’s soft, comfortable underfoot feel is a benefit that never seems to get old, and certainly never goes out of style. You’ll always find something that matches your existing decor along with a plethora of other benefits you’ll wonder how you did without.

Some benefits, however, are fairly new, especially if it’s been a while since you explored this particular flooring option. Take, for instance, some brands that now manufacture stain protection into the very fibers of their carpet. Not only is it impossible to wash off, it keeps stains from becoming “set” and creating a permanent stain. It’s also easier to clean these floors and you’ll almost never find them dingy.

A welcomed benefit for busy families is the noise reduction that naturally happens when you install this flooring. The sounds that would otherwise echo through your home are soaked up by the softness of this flooring, leaving you with a quieter home. It’s perfect for those who have active lifestyles, lots of kids or teens, or energetic pets.

Be sure to talk with your flooring specialist about the necessity of professional flooring installation with this product.

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